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Green culture development has no alternative: Edgar Avetisyan, PROFAL CEO about O2 Gardens

Green culture development has no alternative: Edgar Avetisyan, PROFAL CEO about O2 Gardens

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 1, ARMENPRESS. Usually, we think of a city as only buildings, roads, and grey asphalt. But city infrastructure is a living organism with a huge impact on people’s lives. The richer populated areas with green spaces, water resources, renewable energy infrastructures, waste management the better resident’s lives. Sustainable business practices are becoming imperative both in the world and in Armenia. This tendency is also observed in our country when various business entities take targeted steps and implement projects in order to develop green infrastructures. PROFAL, a leading manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows in Armenia with the vision of creating, popularizing, and developing the culture of landscape architecture, recently participated in the "ARMENIA EXPO 2021" international exhibition, presenting its new green project - O2 GARDENS.

 “Armenpress” presents an interview with the Chief Executive Officer at PROFAL, Edgar Avetisyan, about the newly created project, their vision, and approaches to solving environmental problems.

 - Mr. Avetisyan, what is green architecture, and what are the problems that it aims to solve?

Overcrowded cities, over-exploitation of natural resources, growing number of vehicles and increase of toxic emissions, destruction of green spaces lead to deterioration of environmental conditions, loss of biodiversity. The problems such as climate change and global warming, noise, and air pollution are emerging, causing human health risks. In this regard, a crucial necessity occurs to implement green projects and create and protect public green areas. Let me bring an example. Urban green infrastructure acts as a physical barrier to wind and noise while also lowering urban temperatures through shading and evapotranspiration. These in turn balance the temperature, cooling air in summer and softening cold in winter. In other words, by spreading green spaces in the city, we can solve important environmental problems: reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and prevent environmental degradation. Economically, the use of green technologies increases energy and water efficiency. What comes to social aspects, landscaping improves the lives of residents supplying them with beautiful and safe environment, relieving stress, and even reducing pedestrian mortality.

- You touched on the topic of the importance of landscaping. What steps is PROFAL taking in this direction?

- Through our activities, we aim to create inclusive and accessible green public spaces. As you know, we recently came up with a landscaping project of Brazil square in Yerevan which was our gift to the capital. We used perennial flowers and plants which are in accordance with the climatic conditions of our city. In about 400 square meters our specialists have planted 2170 perennial flowers, evergreen trees, and shrubs. We have installed a modern automated drip irrigation system, and the maintenance of the already improved garden is also carried out by the PROFAL team. Urban landscaping requires a literate, consistent and serious professional approach. We have inherited traditions of green architecture, which are not unfortunately developed to the same extent today, and many green areas are deserted again after a short time. Landscaping is one of the most effective ways to improve and develop urban areas. Guided by a professional approach regarding this issue, we want to set up a new culture of urban landscaping.

 - Could you please present some details about O2 GARDENS project? What is the main role of the project in solving the issues raised above?

- As a socially responsible business, we are always looking for solutions to neutralize and eliminate environmental problems, and our long-planned and cherished O2 GARDENS is one of them. It is a unique project in Armenia dealing with the import, cultivation, and care of more than 1800 plants, trees, shrubs. The project offers various services aiming to foster a new culture of interior and exterior landscaping, including consulting, area design and implementation, landscaping, installation of automatic irrigation systems, pest and disease control, treatment and further care, number of other gardening services. We have been working on the project and have made serious investments since 2018, and we plan to officially open it in the spring of 2022. As for energy efficiency and resource-saving, I can proudly state that these issues have always been on PROFAL's list of priorities. We are known in the market not only as an Armenian manufacturer working with high-quality European raw materials but also as a leading producer of energy-efficient windows. In this regard, I would like to announce about new investments expected in the field of production setting up a new and exceptional window manufacturing plant in the region. The manufacturing plant will use the electricity generated by solar panels, the machines will have an energy-saving component, and the windows will be energy-efficient too. We also strive to promote environmental education in the society, as we are convinced that the contribution of every citizen of the world is necessary for the realization of the sustainable development goals.                                                                                                                                   


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