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Pashinyan ready to sign document extending Russian peacekeeping presence in Nagorno Karabakh for 10-20 years

Pashinyan ready to sign document extending Russian peacekeeping presence in Nagorno 
Karabakh for 10-20 years

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 29, ARMENPRESS. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said he is ready to sign a document based on 15 points during the upcoming meeting in Russia, and adopt that document as a basis for signing a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Speaking about the NK conflict settlement during the Civil Contract Party congress, Pashinyan said: “There’ve been attempts lately to create an impression within the Armenian society that there is a Russian proposal which is positive for us, and that there is a Western proposal which is negative for us, and that the Armenian government is rejecting the Russian program and is accepting the Western one. This has absolutely nothing to do with reality.”

However, Pashinyan emphasized that indeed there is the Russian and Western perception of a solution to the issue. Armenia has agreed with the Russian perception and reached a principled agreement in January of 2021, and the key provision of these agreements is that Russia is the guarantor of security of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia, Pashinyan said.

“And we agreed around this scenario and plan. This plan was presented to Armenia in a working regime in August of 2022. Furthermore, the agreement was the following, that it is presented in August and in September the Russian Co-Chair will return to receive our final position. And during the very first meeting in September we gave consent to the implementation of this plan for one simple reason – because that was our agreement back since January of 2021. On Monday, during the upcoming meeting in Sochi I am ready to officially accept, if necessary to sign in the trilateral meeting format a document on reaching agreement based on those 15 points. Meaning, to accept that document as a basis for signing a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Pashinyan said, adding that he’s said this yesterday during the closed meeting of the CSTO leaders at the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pashinyan expressed hope that Russia will support its own proposals. He said that whether this will bring security and peace to NK and Armenia is an important nuance. “Yes, it also mentions the Russian peacekeepers. We certainly want the Russian peacekeepers to continue their activities in Nagorno Karabakh. I am officially declaring, I am ready to sign the document in Sochi and accept that the Russian peacekeeping presence in NK gets unconditionally, without any terms extended for ten, fifteen or twenty years. I am proposing the Russian President to make this offer,” Pashinyan said.

He said if needed he will submit the proposal, but Russia has to support it. And if Armenia and Russia agree, they will be majority.

Pashinyan also highlighted addressing the activities of the peacekeepers in Nagorno Karabakh. He said that the events in Parukh are not forgotten. There’s been an agreement on the highest level that this issue must be resolved. Meaning, the Azeri troops must withdraw from the area of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers. But this promise, commitment hasn’t been fulfilled so far. Pashinyan emphasized that there must be an answer whether or not Russia is coherently and strongly defending its proposals.

“I am stating that I am ready to sign that paper in Sochi: based on Russia’s proposals, to sign the paper extending the peacekeepers,” Pashinyan said.



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