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US has no plans to send troops to Ukraine although the situation is “extremely serious”

US has no plans to send troops to Ukraine although the situation is “extremely serious”

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 28, ARMENPRESS. The United Stated said it has no plans to send ground troops to Ukraine after the President of France hinted at the possibility. According to US State Department spokesporson Matthew Miller, President Joe Biden has made that very clear “going back more than two years to before even Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

“So certainly every country is free to speak to its own interests. But in addition to the President making clear that the U.S. will not send any troops to fight in Ukraine, the NATO secretary general has ruled out any NATO troops to fight in Ukraine,” he said. 

The spokesporson also noted that the situation is “extremely serious” right now and that Ukrainian frontline troops don’t have the ammo they need to repel the Russian forces.

Miller called on the Congress “to do its duty” and vote for the supplemental funding bill that would provide about $60 billion for Ukraine.

President Emmanuel Macron of France speaking on Feb. 26, after a meeting of European leaders in Paris to bolster support for Ukraine, stressed that the talks had not resulted in any consensus on putting troops on the ground “in an official, approved and endorsed way.” But he insisted that “anything is possible.”

The Kremlin warned that conflict between Russia and the U.S.-led NATO military alliance would be inevitable if European members of NATO sent troops to fight in Ukraine.

Several EU countries and NATO allies, including Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Canada have excluded the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has also said that the military alliance has no plans to send combat troops into Ukraine.


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