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About Us

Key information

“Armenpress” news agency was established on December 18, 1918 when by the decision of the National Council of the first Armenian Republic an unprecedented state-run news agency, Armenian Telegraph Agency, was created.  Currently, “Armenpress” news agency operates as a Closed Joint-Stock Company the stocks of which are owned by the Republic of Armenia. The agency is the oldest in Armenia. At the moment it produces eighteen newslines: official, politics, economy, society, regional, international, culture, sport, life, interviews, photo news, etc.

The staff of “Armenpress” preserves its leading position in the informational landscape of Armenia and has set firm basis in international and regional news platforms safeguarding its presence and development.

The agency has actively covered, mainstreamed and presented in leading international media outlets all the developments of key importance for the Republic of Armenia, taken counter measures against Azerbaijani propaganda and has been and remains the forerunner in the mission of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and exposure of Turkish denialism.

We are proud of the readers and subscribers of “Armenpress” and are happy to record the trust in the information produced by the agency and its usage by Armenian and Diaspora media.

The agency is active in almost all the social networks. It is one of the few in Armenia the Facebook page of which is verified and is indexed within google.com and Bing news international systems by “Yandex” news.

“Armenpress” has numerous subscribers both in Armenia and abroad. Apart from media outlets, embassies, international organizations, banks, think tanks and other institutions are the subscribers of “Armenpress”.

The agency publishes 400 articles daily in Armenian, Russian, English, Arabic, French, Turkish and Spanish languages.

The website of the agency meets the modern standards and is available both for computers and smart phones.

International cooperation

“Armenpress” is a member to 4 international media organizations. The agency presents Armenia in CIS Information Council, Black Sea Association of National News Agencies, Council of national news agencies of Southeastern Europe and the Balkan countries (observer) and News Agencies World Congress.  “Armenpress” chaired over the Black Sea Association of National News Agencies in 2014-2016, the sessions of which and the CIS Information Council were held in Yerevan in 2014.

“Armenpress” has signed agreements on bilateral partnership with over 20 leading news agencies. TASS, Reuters, Xinhua, IRNA, MENA, BTA, AGERPRES, BELTA, Kazinform and many other media outlets with which information and photo exchange is conducted are among our partners.

Reporters of the agency regularly participate in different international conferences, media exhibitions and training programs. 

Partnership with Artsakh

“Armenpress” renders comprehensive assistance to the news agency of Artsakh“Artsakhpress” aimed at its development and strengthening. An agreement of cooperation has been signed with “Artsakhpress” which assumes internationalization of “Artsakhpress” and awareness raising about Artsakh through the canals of “Armenpress”.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed in October, 2016 between “Armenpress” and the Artsakh Union of Journalists which is designed for organizing educational programs for the young journalists of Artsakh by both distance training and visits to Armenia by journalists of Artsakh.

Media center

The media center of “Armenpress” is one of the most active, modern and popular platforms for press conferences. 4 events with broad public involvement are held on weekly basis at “Armenpress” media center.

Photo service

The agency carries out active works to modernize the photo service. The photo chronicle of “Armenpress” renders comprehensive support to state bodies and agencies. Particularly, it supports the Foreign Ministry of Armenia by organizing exhibitions and preparing publications for foreign media. The photo service has a rich photo archive presenting the unique history of Armenia and the region. Nearly 100 thousand photos are kept in the photo archive.

International media inclusion

“Armenpress” is the most frequently quoted Armenian news agency by international media. Apart from partners, the news produced by “Armenpress” is used by such international giants as CNN, UPI, BBC, “RiaNovosti” and so on.

Educational projects

“Armenpress” in collaboration with “Reuters” agency conducted a seminar-training for Armenian photo journalists in 2012 during which nearly two dozens of photo reporters were trained.

Every year over 30 students of YSU, YSLU and Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture specialized in journalism and translational work do an internship at the agency.

Other activities

Apart from informational output and its dissemination the agency has implemented a number of special projects in the recent years some of which can be considered particularly successful.

  • Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide the memories of the genocide survivals have been published based on which the Italian-Arabic Assadakah center jointly with “Armenpress” published a separate volume on the Armenian Genocide causing a broad resonance in Italy. Numerous stories of survivals were covered by Italian and other international TV channels.
  • On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War the archive of war-related posters of “Armenpress” were digitized and presented in an exhibition and a separate album.
  • The agency has organized numerous exhibitions. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia “Armenpress” in collaboration with “Menk” Fund organized series of photo exhibitions in Yerevan, Paris and Glendale.
  • On the occasion of declaring Yerevan as the World Book Capital “Yerevan Bestseller” project kicked off in the sidelines of which for the third year the books sold in Yerevan are rated on weekly basis and every year on the day of the national language (February 21) “Yerevan Bestseller” award ceremony takes place.
  • “Armenpress” has also conducted “Noramut” youth project for which the agency was awarded with “Haykyan” annual award for the category of “Youth news project of the year”. 
  • "Armenpress" launched a Podcast service, within the frames of which special projects on different topics are being implemented.


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