Time in Yerevan: 11:07,   30 May 2024

Digital Leaders from Visa, Deloitte, Moven, Global Fintech Institute, Singapore University, and Just Better on DDF24

Digital Leaders from Visa, Deloitte, Moven, Global Fintech Institute, Singapore University, 
and Just Better on DDF24

YEREVAN, 2 APRIL, ARMENPRESS. The Doing Digital Forum 2024, taking place in Yerevan on April 3 at Dvin Hall, serves as a platform for exploring and embracing diverse opportunities in fintech and digitalization of business. The agenda is rich with visionary speeches, a keynote address, and panel discussions featuring thought leaders from the Government, technology, finance, and banking sectors.

Tatevik Simonyan, the Founder of Doing Digital Forum, will kickstart the event by highlighting the significance of embracing digital opportunities.

Martin Galstyan, the president of the Central Bank of Armenia, will share the CB’s vision of the country’s digital future. Armine Ghazaryan, Chief People and Services Officer of Ameriabank will deliver an opening speech. Ameriabank is the fintech partner of DDF24.

Topics ranging from data-driven delivery of user-centric public services, and crypto regulation in Armenia, to empowering Armenia's payment infrastructure will be covered by distinguished speakers like Harmick Azarian (ISAA), Armen Nurbekyan (CB), and Hovhannes Khachatryan (ArCa), respectively.

The keynote session by futurist and Founder of Moven, Brett King will shed light on how economies, banks, and businesses should adapt to the digital future. Furthermore, panel discussions moderated by Armen Harutyunyan (Global Fintech Institute, Singapore University of Social Sciences) and Brett King will delve into topics like the future of finance and the digital economy, featuring experts from diverse backgrounds.

Visionary speeches by thought leaders like Mohamed Bardastani (Visa), Dirk Ohlmeier (Just Better, People Growth Organization), Davit Hovhannisyan (Ameriabank), and Rasmus S Nielsen (Deloitte) will underscore essential aspects of digital transformation.

The Forum's conclusion, led by Verej Isanians, Advisor to the RA Minister of Economy in digital transformation, will focus on the "Empowering Armenia's Economy through Digital Transformation," topic.

The Forum aims to position Armenia as a growing hub for digital transformation within the global technological and business community, thus enhancing the country's competitiveness. The Doing Digital Forum welcomes all enthusiasts of digital transformation and the advancement of the digital economy.

DDF24 will showcase 20+ digital leaders from the RA Government, Central Bank of Armenia and Information Systems Agency of Armenia (ISSA), Singapore University of Social Sciences, American University of Armenia, Visa, Deloitte, ICDT Global, Moven, Just Better, People Growth Organization, Ucom, SPRING PR, Ameriabank, ArCa, Balchug Capital, Apricot Capital, Fastex, Ucraft, and Hoory.

SPRING PR Company is the organizer of the Doing Digital Forum. For the second year in a row, the innovation partner of the event is Visa, the investment partner is Apricot Capital and the blockchain partner is Fastex. The tech partner of the DDF24 is Ucraft and the AI partner is Hoory. ArCa is the national partner of DDF24. Livingston by Yeremyan Projects stands as the hospitality partner of DDF24. Seven Visions Hotels is also among the partners of the Forum.


The inaugural Doing Digital Forum titled “Exploring Digital Future" achieved remarkable success, featuring keynote speaker Chris Skinner, a globally recognized expert in fintech and digital transformation. DDF23 hosted over 20 leading speakers, including representatives from the RA Government and Central Bank, and various local and international entities. With more than 1000 attendees from Armenia and over 7 countries, the event gained widespread acclaim and participation.











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